About Screen Europe

SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GA) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of production systems for the prepress and printing industries. Its large range of equipment includes the Truepress Jet range of large format inkjet printers, UV inkjet label presses, sheet-fed and web-fed inkjet presses, the Equios workflow system, RIPs, and platesetters. SCREEN GA is a division of SCREEN Holdings (Kyoto, Japan), which is also a well-known manufacturer of production equipment for the semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing industries. Also, Cambridge based Inca Digital is part of SCREEN GA since 2005.

Apart from producing under own brand, SCREEN GA is also manufacturing various products for a range of OEM partners. Our high-end equipment covers a wide range of markets, such as books, labels, folding carton, newspaper, direct mail, transpromo, packaging, wide format and commercial printing.

SCREEN Europe is a full subsidiary and the EMEA business unit of SCREEN GA, headquartered in Amstelveen in the Netherlands. In this location in our Solutions & Technology Centre, the Truepress POD inkjet printers are made available to potential users and media manufacturers, for test print sessions to evaluate quality, performance and integration possibilities.

With 75 years of experience in graphic arts, print quality is undisputed with Screen equipment. The Japanese manufacturing mentality stands for highly reliable products which is confirmed by users where it is no exception that they may often have been using their CTP equipment for more than 15 years.

Screen digital solutions are known for their ability to streamline printing processes and significantly improve output quality and performance at the same time. These exceptional features continue to make them leaders in their respective market segments. Exciting new advances in every product category, along with ongoing product improvements and software upgrades, offer greater value and flexibility.

Whether you specialise in commercial printing, book publishing, direct mail, packaging, labels or wide-format signs and displays, our core technology and specialist knowledge will match your production needs with the right hardware and software to get the job done.

Screen at Drupa 2016



Although Screen Holdings (Screen) was established in 1943 the roots of the company go back to 1868 when Saigiro Ishida the great grandfather of the current president, Akira Ishida, established a copper plate and lithographic printing shop in Kyoto. The subsequent acquisition of several patents by Saigiro Ishida, and his son Keizo Ishida, laid the foundation for the formation of Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Company Limited on October the 11th 1943 in Kyoto Japan.

Initially, Screen concentrated on the production of glass screens, but in 1946 it broadened its product line with the development and manufacture of wooden process cameras, arc lamps and vacuum printing frames with the aim of becoming a comprehensive manufacturer of photographic reproduction equipment.


Notable milestones since then include:

1953 Screen builds its first manufacturing facility in Horikawa, Japan, the first of 10 plants it has today.
1957 Screen is first Japanese company to mass produce contact screens
1962 Screen is listed on the Osaka securities and Kyoto stock exchange and starts marketing its first electronic colour scanner. First appearance at Drupa.
1963 Screen starts production of a metal mesh for color CRT’s. The Auto Graver, an electronic machine for engraving halftone blocks directly onto the plate from a reflection or transparency original, is launched.
1966 The company launches its first colour scanner – the Scanagraph mark 1 and opens first overseas office in the US.
1973 The direct Scanagraph SG701 is launched
1977 Dainippon Screen Electronic Company Ltd established, the worlds largest fully automatic PCB production line
1980 Together with Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Screen develops a system that directly inputs video image signals to a scanner and then outputs four-colour film.
1981 Screen introduces its first electronic page make up system
1989 Akira Ishida is appointed president
1990 Screen recognizes the need to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing desktop market and introduces the first desktop colour scanner Postscript imagesetter.
1995 The last step towards fully digital prepress production or computer to plate is achieved with the introduction of the first PlateRite at the Drupa exhibition in Germany.
2000 Screen launches its first digital presses at Drupa: the TruePress 544 four-colour digital offset press and the TruePress V200 monochrome printing system as well as the Trueflow web-browser based PDF workflow solution.
2001 The eight-page PlateRite 8600 is launched in May with the ability to handle Heidelberg GTO plates.
2003 The high-resolution GenaScan A1 flatbed CCD scanner is launched for flat and 3-D items. Trueflownet, Screen‘s innovative JDF-enabled business environment is announced – a JDF-based, end-to-end operating environment designed to drive highly-automated and streamlined print ordering and production, with fully integrated print production management.
2004 Bumper year for new products launched at Drupa including: next-generation TruePress 344 digital offset press as well as CTP devices ranging from 4 page to 32 page.
2005 Screen increases its inkjet knowledge bank and increases its product portfolio through the acquisition of Inca Digital, the world’s leading manufacturer of UV flatbed printers.
World’s first showing of Truepress Jet520, a revolutionary high-speed inkjet press using Piezo Drop on Demand inkjet heads from Epson.
2007 Screen shows its first ‘Screen brand’ wide format UV printer, the Truepress Jet2500UV.
2012 Another Drupa year with a range of new products including a world preview of the Truepress JetL350UV a machine designed for the fast growing short-run and personalised label market.
Screen‘s wide-format offering expands with the launch of the Truepress JetW1632UV. The first device to be manufactured for Screen by Inca Digital who have been part of the Screen Group since 2005.
2013 Following the success of the Truepress JetW1632UV the next generation device to be manufactured for Screen by Inca Digital, The Truepress JetW3200UV is launched, with both models being shown side by side at Fespa in London in June.
2014 Enhancements to the wide-format range continue with the release of the high speed model of the Truepress JetW3200UV.
2015 The latest model in the Truepress Jet520 range of high speed web printers, the Truepress Jet520HD, goes into production at a printer in Holland.
2016 Another Drupa year sees a raft of new product releases. New CtP machines launched include the PT-R4600 range of B2 platesetters, and the PT-R HD8900N series of B1 platesetters. Also shown at Drupa is the next generation Truepress Jet520 machine – the Truepress Jet520NX.
2017 Screen releases SC Ink for the Truepress Jet 520HD, enabling direct output to standard offset stocks without the need for a primer or pre-coat. At Label Expo in Brussels, Screen introduced two new models of the successful Truepress Jet L350 Digital Label Press. The Truepress Jet L350UV+ with support for thin substrates, and the Truepress Jet L350UV+LM with low migration inks thus broadening the range of supported label printing applications.



Consumer needs are changing. Print is required in faster turnaround times, needs to be more cost effective at a wider range of run lengths, quality is a prerequisite and the printed document needs to be more effective as a communication media. In addition we must consider the ecological factors that are driving our industry, and that the use of corrosive chemicals and solvents need to be reduced or even eliminated.

This all points to a greater use of digital printing and this is the main focus of Screen’s future development. Screen has already demonstrated and launched inkjet presses for wide format, labels and packaging as well as books, newspapers, direct mail and transactional printing.

Research and development investment levels increase each year and new products are constantly under development and evaluation. We hold a leading market position, but we are not complacent and recognise that sustained competitive advantage is a goal we must continue to work towards.

Dainippon Screen Manufacturing was rebranded as Screen Holdings October 1, 2014.