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Truepress Jet520HD Series

Truepress Jet520HD Series

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A Dutch leader in the area of direct mail, Nic.Oud became the first company in Europe to adopt Screen’s Truepress Jet 520HD in 2015. Since then, the Truepress has played a pivotal role in their growth and its benefits have been realised internally as well as externally by clients. Not only have they been able to dramatically reduce the delivery time of their direct mail material, but combined with the offset style quality, the enhanced flexibility capacities have allowed them to build themselves a niche by supporting clients with precisely targeted offerings.


When we installed the Truepress in 2015 we judged it to be the highest quality inkjet machine on...

SCREEN adds high-speed Monochrome model to the Truepress JET520HD series.

Use of SC Inks Enables Direct Printing on Coated Papers Screen Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (Screen GA) has finalized development of its new Truepress Jet520HD mono, the latest addition to its Truepress Jet520HD series of high-speed roll-fed inkjet presses. The system is a specialized model for monochrome printing. It is scheduled for worldwide release in...

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Screen Truepress Jet 520HD at Silhouet

A great example of how our Truepress Jet520HD helped revolutionise one man’s business process! Screen has great admiration for this user who built his business around our product. Thanks to its unparalleled automation and reliability he can run his machine night and day, without affecting his ability to live life to the full!  

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