Truepress Jet520HD Series High-Definition Inkjet Web Press


Offset Quality on Standard Offset Coated Stocks

Our latest generation of high-speed inkjet presses rivals offset and puts you in control of your business. With the innovative SC inks printing on standard offset coated stocks is now a reality. The 520HD series can offer different drying options for you to choose the most efficient solution for your application.

Truepress Jet520HD and SC Inks - a breakthrough combination in production inkjet

The Truepress Jet520HD had already set the standard for image quality and speed in production-class continuous-feed inkjet printing. Our breakthrough SC inks, introduced in 2017, extend your paper choice to standard offset coated stocks removing the need to purchase and warehouse expensive inkjet treated paper. There is no need to use a primer so energy consumption is minimised and issues with heat such as excessive drying are avoided.

Wide-gamut inks for direct inkjet printing on offset coated paper!

SC Inks feature breakthrough absorption technology eliminating any pre-processing or additional primer coatings that are typically required to print to standard offset coated papers. Printing directly to the paper saves time and cost and preserves the paper surface texture to open up a range of new possibilities and markets for inkjet printing including commercial print, catalogues, magazines and high-end books.

For greater colour performance
Upgraded press hardware and software, a wider colour gamut, and enhanced SC+ ink.


Truepress Jet520HD Series

The Truepress Jet520HD high-definition inkjet web presses deliver realistic images that expand the boundaries of inkjet printing. With 1,200 dpi true resolution and precise droplet control, the Truepress Jet520HD achieves the colours, textures, details and solid ink areas expected for high-end publication and commercial work. For direct mail advertising, the enhanced design opportunities improve response rates of personalised marketing campaigns making the Jet520HD an appealing alternative to offset/digital hybrid and toner-based production.


Accurately Reproduced Lines and Microtext

What sets the Truepress Jet520HD Series apart is its unique printhead technology. The press is able to place 2-picoliter droplets — the world’s smallest level — exactly where the dots are required on paper as it moves through a high-speed transfer system. Combined with the maximum true resolution of 1,200 dpi, the Truepress Jet520HD series can clearly image detail smaller than 0.10 of a point. The result is a sharp, eye-catching finish with no ink spread or jaggies.


Drying Options

Laying down ink at high speeds is one thing, drying is another.

The 520HD series therefor offer a choice of drying mechanisms to fit your application in the best and most effective way.


Fogra Certified

An enhanced version of the EQUIOS professional workflow system allows for increased production benefits, not only automating job and colour management but also providing in-RIP imposition, JDF communication and PDF/VT support. Even with high-volume variable data and high-resolution images, print quality can be maintained without compromising all-important productivity.

Screen Truepress Jet 520 drying unit
Screen Truepress Jet 520hd ad drying unit

The 520HD offers heated drum in combination with air-knives. This is an economical solution where productivity is not the main driver.

The HD+ includes an NIR dryer featuring a fast and balanced penetration of heat energy. The system is compact and fully integrated into the Truepress Jet520HD device. The ink absorbs the energy and is dried instantly and uniformly with minimal thermal effect on the substrate.

This solution greatly improves productivity and expands the range of applications, like printing on thermal papers.

The newly released Truepress Jet520HD AD combines a constant temperature dryer with small diameter heated rollers to deliver the highest drying performance of any system in the series, making it possible to print with very high ink coverages on higher speeds.

Max 50m/min
Printing Speed (Uncoated / Offset Papers) Max 100m/min
Max 150m/min
Max 50m/min
Printing Speed (Coated Papers with no inkjet treatment) Max 100m/min
Max 150m/min
Air heating + heat drum
Drying Systems Air heating + heat drum + additional dryer (NIR)
Advanced dryer unit

JetInspection - Superior Defect Detection

JetInspection, Screen’s dedicated inspection system, performs comprehensive, real-time inspection of variable images across all pages. Controlled directly from the operation panel, it uses a high-speed scanning system to capture images, barcodes and optical character recognition fonts. Modular software options enable you chooses the most suitable configuration for your own requirements, from basic quality control to a full reprinting workflow.


InfoTRENDS' White Paper

With the introduction in 2017 of our Truepress SC Inks, Screen has built a compelling argument that its new offering will bring high-speed digital printing into high-quality areas that have been relatively untouched so far by production digital printing methods.

Read more about Truepress SC Inks in the InfoTrends’ white paper, click the button below to get instant access to this document.

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