Truepress Jet520 Advanced Rotative jet d’encre

Globally Recognised World Standard Model

The Truepress Jet520 Advanced can function as a high-quality, high-volume variable data press and as a high-speed on-demand printing system.

Automated Monitoring to Prevent Problems

The Truepress Jet520 Advanced print quality monitoring ensures consistent, high-quality results throughout each job as the system prints. Built-in scanning technology reads printed test charts and determines if the inkjet heads need adjustment or cleaning. Any problems are automatically corrected.

Making Operation Easy for Your Pressroom Staff

The Truepress Jet520 Advanced touch panel makes operation simple. Even operators with little printing knowledge or experience can be trained quickly. Potentially troublesome colour matching and head cleaning operations are automated. Maintenance is easy and doesn’t require extensive downtime.

Scalable Load Balancing that Boosts Productivity

The press comes preinstalled with Screen’s powerful Equios workflow solution. Equios features a scalable load balancing function to optimise performance of the Truepress Jet520 Advanced and other connected engines.

Choice of Inks to Suit the Application

Another example of the great flexibility of the Truepress Jet520 Advanced  is the lineup of ink available to match the work details and conditions.
  • Water-based pigment inks provide outstanding water, heat, chemical and light resistance. They enable long-term storage of documents. They also offer wide-ranging colour reproduction on various applications.
  • Water-based dye inks offer vivid colouring, with particularly impressive results using intermediate colours. In addition, they are effective at reducing operating costs.