Hunkeler innovationsdays 2019

Hunkeler innovationsdays 2019

Lucerne, Switzerland, from February 25-28th

Witness the launch of the Truepress Jet520HD+ at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019

Screen Europe is pleased to announce its participation at Hunkeler innovationsdays 2019 (HID 2019), where its new Truepress Jet520HD+ press will launch. Under the theme ‘Digital Everywhere!’ Screen’s exhibit will reflect the major international impact of digital printing and the company’s ability to lead change.

The Truepress Jet520HD+ press comes with new features including an integrated Screen ‘NIR’ Dryer. This system will be a core focus of Screen’s exhibition (hall 2), along with the Truepress Jet520NX, at HID 2019 in Lucerne, Switzerland. The company will also outline its relationship with both Solimar Systems and tech.research, and exhibit its range of digital printing solutions, including its pioneering SC inks and workflow technology.

Visitors to HID2019 can also discover the next generation Truepress Jet520NX, developed from Screen’s more than 10 years of experience in inkjet printing. The Truepress Jet520NX is fine-tuned for optimum performance and offers a wealth of new functions to open up a wider range of applications allowing customers to greatly expand their markets.

520HD+ Beyond Offset

Offset quality on standard offset papers at offset production speeds with the added power of variable and short-run print-on-demand.

With more than 40 users the extraordinary SC inks have already proven that inkjet on gloss, silk and matt offset coated stocks is possible without priming. The new 520HD+ now adds the Adphos NIR drying technology which boosts productivity on these types of papers even further whilst increasing colour gamut and reducing both ink usage and power consumption. Too good to be true? Not a chance!

How does NIR drying work? Check the animation video:

520NX – Xtend your Market

Beyond transactional: The NX can accept every single file type from IPDS to PDF and is equipped with the latest generation printheads. In addition to the standard printheads, the Truepress Jet520NX can be fitted with an extra ‘fifth colour’ printhead. This enables the use of Screen’s unique UV invisible ink, which was developed as an anti-counterfeiting measure, as well as other special inks. It also supports MICR and features a modern flexible architecture to facilitate maximum uptime and a wider range of papers. The NX will therefore fit seamlessly into existing IPDS environments and is the right tool to expand the type of jobs you can produce. Thus, extending your market into a range of areas for example; transpromo, direct mail, security printing and books. The press delivers superb quality, market-leading uptime and a maximum speed of up to 150 meters per minute.


Automating maintenance and paper setup

JI Light drives a built-in high-speed camera system and creates printhead correction data to further automate quality management. This includes; shading correction (colour matching between printheads), coping with missing nozzles and maintaining perfect head alignment.


100% data integrity

JetInspection is an optional upgrade to the standard JI Light. It performs detailed and comprehensive real-time inspection of the complete print image across each and every printed page. It can detect everything from OCR fonts, decoded bar codes and missing dots to foreign substances, colour variations and faulty output text. Screen collaborates with industry leading postpress and other POD printer vendors and can offer total workflow solutions from real-time error inspection to diverting in postpress processes. It can also include reprinting using either a toner-based cut-sheet printer or our Truepress inkjet press.


Equios workflow – a hybrid solution that tentacles into any printer

75 years of prepress and printing technology has evolved into the most advanced, user friendly and automated workflow in the market. The Equios hybrid workflow can drive Computer-to-plate, toner devices and variable high-speed continuous inkjet systems.

From pre-flight and colour management to dynamic imposition and smart job folders, Equios is a total solution and can integrate with both MIS systems and post-press devices.


Smart Job Binder / Book solution

Combining multiple sized books on the web calls for more automation and dynamic imposition schemes. SJB does this job for you. Come and see how this solution will greatly improve the efficiency in your book production flow.


αStream native IPDS controller

αStream is available as standalone product or integrated with Equios, and integrates in virtually any AFP-Environment: Infoprint Manager, Infoprint ProcessDirector, IBM PSF, Compart DocBridge, Océ Prisma, PitneyBowes EngageOne, Quadient Afp2Ipds, Quadient Inspire Designer, Solimar SPDE, PrintSoft PresS and more. tech.research is a TagG Informatique subsidiary and TagG Informatique is using a Truepress Jet 520HD driven by αStream to print direct marketing campaigns for their customers.


Solimar – Streamline your production flow

Solimar’s Solitrack and iConvert make that your AFP environment can remain unchanged when introducing a Truepress Jet520 series printer into your environment. iConvert accepts IPDS streams whereby Solitrack manages high volume transactional printing workflows and facilitates bi-way communication between Truepress and your existing system. Solitrack not only tracks reprints but also produces scheduled reports to see who printed what, how much, when and where.

Solimar’s Rubika is a modular solution with segments to automate manual processes, enable postal savings and add value to documents such as augmented reality.


Minimize downtime and increase productivity

TRUST offers an advanced IoT solution to maximize the performance at your production sites. It provides you with a dedicated web page to access a wide variety of service information and reports to analyse the operational efficiency of their systems.

Also, TRUST can constantly monitor your printer to detect stoppages and other critical issues, as well as the errors that come before them. This information is immediately reported to SCREEN support staff via e-mail making it possible to perform an extensive range of support tasks including assistance with efficiency analysis, recovery processes and operational procedures.

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