Many vendors of high-speed continuous feed colour inkjet systems have spent decades trying to solve a technological puzzle: printing at high quality and high speed on commodity coated papers.

Up until now, this significant area of inkjet printing hasn’t had its Eureka moment. Vendors came close with inkjet treatments and pre-processing, but this has proven as arduous and time-consuming as it has cost-ineffective.

Thankfully, Screen Europe have finally cracked it with their revolutionary new SC ink technology.

The role of paper

Paper plays an integral role in print quality, running costs, and return on investment, especially with high-speed inkjet. Inkjet-treated coated stocks remain significantly more expensive than untreated ones and likewise, pre-treatment of a more economic offset coated paper add to the cost and process complexity.

The current limitations on inkjet printing on commodity coated paper means this brilliant resource has not yet been utilised to its full potential. If inkjet printing directly onto offset coated stocks were possible, costs could be reduced by 30 – 40% and new opportunities could be created.

The future of print

In answer to this age-old issue, Screen has done just that. They’ve developed a combination of technologies designed to cut out the middle-man at a fraction of the cost.

The Truepress Jet 520HD with SC ink incorporates revolutionary enhancements to ink, printhead control and screening, to allow printing on commodity coated papers at high speed with water-based inkjet inks. SC inks stand out due to their ability to preserve the texture of commodity paper with astonishing results.

Not only has this enabled a speedier and more efficient printing process, it has opened up a world of applications that weren’t previously possible, such as the ability to print directly onto glossy and matt coated stock – a necessity to many commercial printing companies, particularly those involved in producing promotional material, direct mail and high-quality colour books.

SC ink brings together a host of benefits previously isolated to individual products, including:

· Greater expression using paper textures: SC inks maintain the integral texture and feel of coated paper, significantly expanding print application potential.

· Low cost solution with faster turnaround: Screen’s unique absorption technology cuts out the pre-processing stage, minimising times and cost whilst maximising economic viability.

· Photo like quality for print: SC inks also feature properties that include superior water, heat and light resistance, as well as a wide colour gamut that closely approaches offset types, making it very suitable for products such as coffee-table books for example.

· Printing on a wide variety of paper types: Printing is also possible on a wide range of non-coated papers, including standard and specialised inkjet types. Thanks to this versatility, you can now use various paper types on the same press.

There are already over a dozen companies taking advantage of this cutting-edge technology. Find out more about Truepress SC Ink

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