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Keep up to date with our exciting announcements ahead of LabelExpo 19

Labelexpo Europe 2019 will see Screen showcase how label converters can harness the benefits of digital printing to produce a range of label applications with its UV inkjet presses.

With live on stand demonstrations, visitors will witness the capabilities of the Truepress Jet L350UV+ and the Truepress Jet L350UV+LM together with the range of integration solutions available from our partner organisations.

Discover the quality achievable with our recently launched blue ink and for those seeking approved-inks for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical labels, the Truepress Jet L350UV+LM using Screen low-migration ink is the perfect solution.

“Emulating last year’s Labelexpo, we anticipate that our stand will be jam-packed from the start – especially with the exciting announcements we have in store,” says Bui Burke, Senior Vice President of Sales, Screen Europe.

Truepress Jet L350UV+LM and Truepress Jet L350UV+

With over 150 installations worldwide, the Truepress Jet L350UV series has proven that our UV inkjet print quality and productivity has been widely accepted across the globe. UV inkjet can print on a wide range of materials without the need for a primer, thus opening up a wider range of applications.

With the introduction of the Low-Migration edition of our L350UV series, this has extended the application range further into the food packaging market. With a running speed of 60m/min combined with an uptime of 95%, the L350UV+ series offers a solution for maximum efficiency and productivity.

You will have the opportunity to see both the L350UV+ and the L350UV+LM running live on display.

Low-Migration UV inkjet

Screen is at the forefront of low migration UV inkjet technology. With our special low migration ink and nitrogen chamber around the curing unit, we can reduce migration levels to a minimum. To add to this, your labels will also be odour free.

Truepress inks

Truepress ink for L350 series are specially designed for the Truepress Jet L350 series of UV inkjet label systems. These innovative inks maximize the series’ already outstanding quality, stability and compatibility with a wide range of substrates.

Blue ink & Orange ink

30% of brands use blue in their corporate colours. With our new blue ink capabilities, you can now recreate even the most vivid of blues like never before! Orange ink enables richer colour reproduction in red areas and further widens the colour gamut.

Equios workflow

Workflow is not just important for integration but is also key for output quality and productivity. Screening, CMM, drop-spread control and variable printing are key areas in total production control. With more than 75 years of prepress experience, our proprietary workflow ensures that you get the best out of our hardware.

Variable printing PDFormstudio

Variable printing can only be done properly when you have the right tools that can create files light enough to keep the press running at full speed. It is also vital that it has key sorting capabilities to make sure it outputs the records in the correct order. Our PDF Formstudio can take all the hassle out of this process and do this for you. We also have our more economic PDF Formstudio Mono version, for when you require a tool for black-only printing.

Integration with CERM

Filling up a highly productive press which has virtually no set-up time can be a challenging process. Integration with an MIS system prevents duplicate work and improves automation. CERM also provides feedback from the press to create a range of reports including print time and ink & media consumption.

Integration with Hybrid

The ability to make last minute file changes and adding white layers and die cuts are all elements which can make you stand out from the crowd. Having these capabilities integrated into the total workflow adds great benefits to prevent unwanted delays and to keep in line with your production plans.

Integration with OneVision

OneVision is a key part in production planning and print data optimization. With the comprehensive Label Automation Suite, digital label printers can speed up their production by automating timeconsuming manual tasks. OneVision’s integration with Equios makes life easier than ever before!

Trust Network Service

Minimize downtime, improve productivity and increase sales.

TRUST combines real-time assistance, remote diagnosis and user maintenance support to optimize individual equipment operations and workflows.

Application Samples

Self-Adhesive labels

At our stand we will have a great variety of samples on a range of media available to take away: PP, PE PET, (Wine) Paper, and white, clear, or silver.

Pouch (dPouch)

Foodsafe pouches and sachets can also be produced in short run, with multiple sorts and sizes! You have the opportunity to meet our Truepress user Mr Bill Hine who is producing such pouches under the houp.com brand for his company Hine labels.

Wine Labels

Come and see the high-end wine labels that can be created with the help of UV inkjet technology.

Thermal papers

This printer will not be live on display, however you can have a look at impressive thermal paper samples printed at 50m/minute from the water-based Truepress Jet 520HD. Its special SC ink do not require any primers and the innovative near-infrared drying keeps drying temperatures well below the activating threshold of the thermal paper.


In the pharmaceutical industry combatting counterfeiting of prescription drugs is essential. The range of security features that is included in the L350UV kit can strongly contribute to the safety of medicines within the supply chain.

Brand protection

The standard security features like Seal Vector, variable barcoding or numbering can also be used for brand protection.

Spot Varnish effect

The ability to accurately re-insert artwork allows for the creation of great spot varnish and watermark effects. This can be done by first printing the image you desire to be matte and then print with a matte varnish. Once this has been completed, reinsert through the press and print the objects which you Picture of print sample wish to be highlighted with a gloss effect.

Color-Logic metallic effects

For creating special effects onto metallic substrates, Equios can map a metallic separation to a white separation by using the Colour-Logic application. At the same time, it can also invert positive and negative images.

Bottle Wrap

Bottle wraps on films with thicknesses down to 40 micron will show you the strong opacity of our whites.

Embellishment combinations

By printing under or over Kurz foil, UV inkjet samples can create catching effects.

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