Astrografe wins new business with Screen L350UV+LM printer – even in midst of corona crisis

Portuguese label specialist installs Screen’s newest label printer to meet demand in niche markets for flexible and certified low migration printing.

After five years of successful operations with Screen’s L350 label system, Astrografe, known as one of Portugal’s most versatile printing companies, has purchased and installed the Screen Truepress L350UV+LM system. The benefit? It’s not only helping to meet the needs of existing clients, but also win new business – even in this challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We replaced our first Screen inkjet system with the newest, innovative L350UV+LM to meet our customers’ demand for specialised labels, such as certified low migration food labels for the organic food industry,” says Marco Cardoso, manager of Astrografe. “Since installation, we’ve found that this new system has helped us open new markets, and even win new customers while other companies are struggling to survive.

“During these challenging times, it’s even more important for customers to be flexible and run short print runs to adjust to fast-changing circumstances. And this is exactly what the L350UV+LM system allows us to do,” he adds.

Fast installation

Astrografe chose the L350UV+LM for “the quality, stability and productivity that Screen equipment always offers.

“Another important reason was the Screen team’s effort and expertise in being able to replace and install the new system, allowing us to start producing again in just five days,” Marco points out.

Established in 1980, Astrografe has built a strong position in niche areas of label printing, such as the Portuguese organic food industry and the ink sector. The family-owned business, in Loures, just north of Lisbon, is known for being able to provide services other companies can’t deliver. It has a large share in the Portuguese market for food packaging, and a wide range of other products, from calendars, stickers, mouse pads and postcards. It also provides posters, calendars and printed badges for Portugal’s top soccer teams, Benfica, Sporting and FC Porto.

Screen has sold and installed several new systems in the competitive Portuguese market, which is quick to adopt new technologies and ways of production, including digital printing, according to Fernando Tordo, Screen’s Iberia sales manager.