SCREEN EUROPE partners with Dataline Solutions to deliver enhanced automation

Dataline’s market-leading MultiPress MIS/ERP software now ready to link Digital label presses from SCREEN Europe

Dataline Solutions has recognised SCREEN Europe as a certified partner for its management information system software MultiPress. Thanks to this partnership, Dataline’s MIS/ERP software has connectivity to manage SCREEN label printers as part of an automated and integrated print process. The partnership was signed in cooperation with Belgian printer Drukservice Impressa.

With its MultiPress software, Dataline Solutions has been the market leader in the Benelux graphics industry for many years. There are now more than 1,000 active MultiPress installations in 25 European countries. This MIS/ERP system links all the steps in the print-production journey, from quotation calculation to stock management, through actual production, and finishing up with logistics planning and financials.

“MultiPress software sends ready-to-print files, including all technical information, to the printer,” explains Christoph Krohn, Product Director at Dataline Solutions. “This includes imposed files, number of sheets, colours and the specification of the substrate. The print operators only have to press the start button to launch the print job. This extensive automation obviously offers huge efficiency gains for printers.”

Print firm Drukservice Impressa, from the Belgian city of Herentals, has been a Data Solutions customer since 2012, using its print-management software to run its commercial printing operations. In 2022, Drukservice Impressa installed a SCREEN Truepress Jet L350UV SAI S label printer to expand its capacity, and start producing self-adhesive labels on rolls for industrial applications.

To do this, Drukservice Impressa had to ask Dataline Solutions to extend its MultiPress setup, with calculation modules for the production of self-adhesive labels. This way, the Belgian business would be able to drive all its digital printers with the same system workflow, starting from the same MultiPress setup.

Tom Bongaerts, CEO of Impressa, says: “The SCREEN Truepress Jet L350 SAI S enables us to produce small print runs fast, which is crucial for our clients, while providing high quality and colour consistency. Dataline Solutions’ products support us get the best out of our equipment and processes.”

Christoph says: “We share a more than two decade-long history in automation with SCREEN Europe. We stood together in the early days of the CIP4 organisation and the universal JDF/JMF language, which enables smooth communication and automation in the entire digital print-production chain.

“This new certified partnership with SCREEN for label printers is yet another step in the automation of the printing process. We hope to continue to release innovations together in the future, bringing the complete automation of the process closer.”

Taishi Motoshige, Marketing Director, SCREEN Europe, says: “We’ve been creating digital workflow solutions, not only with digital inkjet press but also with CTP devices. We’re delighted to have created this enhanced automated solution with Multipress. It will help our customer’s business and continue to move our innovative systems forward, integrating our press and software for a new future in print.”

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