Fogra’s strictest certification for digital printing confirms Screen GA’s leading role in inkjet technology and colour consistency

Screen GA has obtained Fogra certification for its Truepress Jet520HD inkjet series. The Japanese world leader in high-quality, reliable inkjet printing has been awarded the Fogra ‘A’ certification, the strictest of three available certifications for inkjet colour consistency, for printing on glossy and uncoated paper (51/52 paper).

“The Fogra A certificate enables our customers to guarantee consistency of colour on printed material to their end clients. It confirms the high quality and reliability of Screen GA’s inkjet technology as well as our leading role in bringing inkjet technology further,” says Taishi Motoshige, Manager of Sales & Operation Coordinator at Screen GA.

The Fogra A certification was awarded based on tests conducted at Screen’s Solutions & Technology Centre in Amstelveen, Netherlands, by CGS, the German digital proofing specialist authorised by Fogra to issue certificates. The A certificate is the strictest of three certificates (A, B and C) for inkjet printing on glossy and uncoated paper. 

Enhancing print speed

What sets the Truepress Jet520HD series apart is its unique printhead technology. The presses are able to place 2-picolitre droplets – the world’s smallest level – exactly where the dots are required on paper as it moves through a high-speed transfer system. Combined with the maximum true resolution of 1,200 dpi, this results in a sharp, eye-catching finish with no ink bleeding or jaggies.

Through its R&D efforts, Screen GA continues to focus on enhancing the production speed of its Jet520HD technology. As a result, the A certificate was achieved with a printing speed of 100 meters per minute, which equates to approximately 10,000 B2 duplex sheets per hour.

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