Vebraco acquires SCREEN inkjet label printer to bring flexibility to even higher level

Dutch label specialist sees digital inkjet technology as gateway to further growth and efficiency  

Zeeland / Aalsmeer, the Netherlands – Dutch label specialist Vebraco built its reputation on flexibility and speed of delivery. To facilitate further growth, resolve a capacity challenge, and bring flexibility in label printing to an even higher level, it has acquired a SCREEN Truepress Jet L350 UV machine.

“Our customers tell us they appreciate our flexibility and speed of delivery, so when we ran into a capacity problem, struggling to meet growing demand, we needed a solution that would enable us to maintain our high standards. A consistent high print quality was a prerequisite, one that was satisfied by SCREEN’s digital inkjet label press – so far our new L350 UV has fully met our expectations,” says Marcel Bulten, Vebraco’s managing director.

With a staff of about 10, Vebraco is a relatively small company that over the past decade has built a strong domestic and international client base in label printing for the food, chemistry and cosmetic industries. Its new SCREEN printer will help to further diversify its business, according to Bulten. He says: “Our expertise in food labels and labels in other industries, combined with the trend of an increasing need for small print rounds that need to be delivered fast, has helped us gain new clients in recent years, and with the new machine we can continue this growth.”

“However, rather than growing for growth’s sake, we prefer to stay relatively small and maintain our highly regarded flexibility, as well as the cherished ability to stay close to our clients.”

Vebraco, which also has more conventional presses, expects to gradually shift more print jobs to digital presses and expects additional investments in digital inkjet technology in the near future. In addition to flexibility, SCREEN’s L350 UV provides the print quality and enhanced production capacity the company needed. Bulten also praises SCREEN’s service and support: “They do what they promise and I’m very happy with their service level, which is very high,” he says.

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