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SCREEN Label & Packaging

From Labels to Paperboard and Corrugated Cartons, Screen Label and Packaging Solutions present your product at eye level.

Truepress Jet L350UV+ Series UV Inkjet Label Presses

Industry-Leading Speed Meets Unrivalled Functionality

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PlateRite FX870II Series Narrow-Web Flexo/Letterpress CTP

Highest Performance, from Plate Mounting To Exposure

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PlateRite FX1200 Midsize Flexo/Letterpress CTP

A Modern System with Unique Technology

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PlateRite FX1524 Large-Format Flexo/Letterpress CTP

Innovative Digital Plate Making Solution Streamlines Processing and Improves Print Quality

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APPLICATIONS for SCREEN Label & Packaging

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Screen delivers the UV inkjet technology that is highly prized by label printing companies looking for top-level productivity, smooth output of gradations, reproduction of wide CMYK colour gamut and single-pass versioning printing.

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Paperboard (Cartons)

Printing on paperboard for primary and secondary packaging offers versatility across a number of industries. Print performance is a key object for paperboard packaging, and Screen inkjet printing systems ensure a remarkable level of performance.

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Embellishment combinations

By printing under or over Kurz foil, UV inkjet samples can create catching effects.

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Bottle Wrap

Bottle wraps on films with thicknesses down to 40 micron will show you the strong opacity of our whites.

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Color-Logic metallic effects

For creating special effects onto metallic substrates, Equios can map a metallic separation to a white separation by using the Colour-Logic application. At the same time, it can also invert positive and negative images.

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Brand protection

The standard security features like Seal Vector, variable barcoding or numbering can also be used for brand protection.

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In the pharmaceutical industry combatting counterfeiting of prescription drugs is essential. The range of security features that is included in the L350UV kit can strongly contribute to the safety of medicines within the supply chain.

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