Solutions and Technology Centre

When your company is looking to invest in printing equipment, you want to make sure that you make the right decision both in terms of the technology you choose and the supplier you select to work with.

At SCREEN Europe we understand this and our Solutions and Technology Centre (STC) has been set up to provide the assistance you need in your decision process.

The Solutions and Technology Centre (STC) is more than just a showroom where we can print samples and demonstrate our technology to potential new clients. We provide an environment where customers can explore the benefits of a Screen solution.

Working with your own job files and media our specialist applications team will demonstrate the Screen inkjet presses and workflow. They will explore the optimum paper and ink coverage settings to achieve the best solution for your application. The print session can be as interactive and as in-depth as you wish.

We realize that the print engine itself is only part of the solution you need. We therefore work closely with other manufacturers and suppliers to integrate a range of Workflow, MIS and Colour Management tools, in addition to specialist hardware finishing solutions such as those required for book or label production. To ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of technology the STC team work continuously with other vendors developing, testing and evaluating new solutions for our customers.

STC also plays a vital role in on-going customer support. Our specialist team can help existing customers to identify optimum settings for a specific application / job using our STC equipment, or where necessary at the customer site and they can provide additional technical support and guidance for the machine operators.

We are proud of our Solutions and Technology Centre, and the role it plays in not only our own success, but also that of our customers.