Die Pharmadrucker puts SCREEN 520HD+ at Center of it’s ambitious plan to move pharmaceutical printing to a digital future

Specialist pharmaceutical leaflet printer aspires to share innovative digital printing approach with peers, enhancing value creation for all partners

Melsungen, Germany / Amstelveen, Netherlands — After a thorough selection process and extensive testing, Die Pharmadrucker has made the Screen Truepress 520HD+ the pivot of its ambitious plan to shift pharmaceutical printing towards a digital, more efficient and flexible future. Die Pharmadrucker, a spin-off of the centuries-old German Bernecker printing company, believes it can enhance value creation in the pharmaceutical market for itself and its partners, mostly mid-size and small pharmaceutical companies.

“We chose Screen’s digital inkjet offering because of its outstanding technology and the Screen team’s flexible and personal approach,” says Sebastian Härtig, a member of Die Pharmadrucker’s management team. Screen was able to solve the particular challenge of printing on the thin paper typically used for pharmaceutical leaflets and safety instructions for medicine labels. The Screen Truepress Jet 520HD+ prints on 40gsm paper at offset quality and at high speeds.

After months of testing, Die Pharmadrucker finalized its newest production line recently: this consists of the Screen inkjet 520HD+ printing machine and machinery for cutting, folding, laying out and packaging.

“The Screen Truepress 520HD+ will enable our customers to reduce their warehouse storage of pharmaceutical leaflets and so save both storage and scrapping costs,” says Sebastian. “This fits with our ambition to be the best European printer in terms of delivering exactly what our customers need at just the right time.”

Coronavirus crisis to boost online print shop

Die Pharmadrucker wants to set a new standard for the industry. “Most specifically, for the companies that produce pharmaceutical inserts,” says Sebastian Härtig. He sees a future where print jobs are ordered in Die Pharmadrucker’s web shop, imported directly into its system, and printed and delivered within 24 hours. The coronavirus crisis will likely accelerate this shift to remote online ordering of print jobs, and highly automated processing and printing, according to Härtig.

Die Pharmadrucker wants to share the insights it gained while exploring digital printing options with its partners, mostly mid-size pharmaceutical companies across Europe. “Relatively few companies have made the journey we’ve made. We’re keen to share our experiences with peers and partners to help resolve challenges they may be facing in their quest to move to digital printing”, says Härtig.

These challenges include meeting the relatively stringent regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical printing market, he adds. Several companies have already shown interest in learning more, and Die Pharmadrucker is planning demonstrations of its new production line, which it has dubbed a ‘Smart factory’.

“We’re like athletes training hard to get the best results and are open to sharing our training methods with others. In the end, getting the best possible result using the least possible energy is what everyone in the value chain wants, and will benefit from,” he says.

Game changer

The pharmaceutical market is highly regulated for human safety reasons. Strict requirements also apply to printing packaging and leaflets. This means only certain types of papers can be used, information must be printed in specific font types and sizes to ensure readability, and inks must meet international standards regarding chemical components.

Patrick Jud, Area Director Screen Europe for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, says about this project: “Package insert production brings complex challenges in terms of a smooth and controlled production chain. We are at the limits of what is possible with the specifications of the printing and finishing equipment and a great deal of expert knowledge was required. That Die Pharmadrucker, as the first printing company worldwide, is printing pharmaceutical leaflets on inkjet machinery is game-changing for the pharmaceutical world.”

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