Etiquetas Adhegraf opts for Screen Truepress Jet L350UV label press for quality, productivity and service

A Screen Truepress Jet L350UV digital label press has recently been commissioned at Etiquetas Adhegraf, part of Grupo Hispagraf, in Madrid, Spain. A specialist label printing division within the wider packaging and leaflet-printing group, Adhegraf services a variety of industries, however, 80 percent of production is dedicated to pharmaceutical products. Following rigorous testing of four different technologies, and three factory visits, Adhegraf opted for the Screen L350UV press because of the print quality, range of substrates, productivity and service levels delivered.

“Productivity and quality are obviously important to us as a company, the key advantage being the value we can pass on to our clients,” says David Perez, General Manager, “Through our in-depth analysis we confirmed that the press is very easy to operate, offers high speeds, job changes are simple and maintenance tasks are significantly reduced. Those time-savings are passed on to the customer through decreased delivery lead times, so we’re offering a better service. All this is achieved whilst simultaneously providing outstanding quality.”

Local customer support provided by HTGraf, Screen’s local representative who sold the press to Adhegraf, combined with remote service from Screen Service Engineers was also cited as a factor in the decision according to Perez. “With experience of Screen CTP equipment we know the equipment is reliable but service is quick when it is required.”

The Screen Truepress Jet L350UV’s 50 meters-per-minute print speed makes it one of the fastest label printing machines in the sector, but also crucial to Adhegraf was the repeatable print quality and precise accuracy particularly required for pharmaceutical products. The Truepress Jet L350UV features proprietary Screen printheads with four step droplet technology. The outstanding expression of colour gradations enabled by the system’s high-resolution screening, coupled with the wider colour gamut of our proprietary UV inks, produces impressive print quality. Meanwhile, athoroughly stable transport mechanism tightly controls paper feeding to prevent meandering and maintain optimal transfer conditions, ensuring consistently high registration accuracy.

“Not only can we achieve a very high percentage of Pantone colours on the L350UV press, but the colour and the print is extremely stable. Between repetitions of the same job, we see the same quality from the first to the last page,” Perez comments, concluding, “Our customers’ quality parameters are more and more exhaustive, security solutions are extremely important so it’s crucial our customers can rely on the quality of our products from the first output to the last.”