Lanes increases production efficiencies with new Screen PlateRite 8600N-S platesetter

Commercial print firm Lanes Printers of Broadstairs, Kent, has taken delivery of a new Screen PlateRite 8600N-S B1thermal platesetter to deliver a more efficient and productive plate production workflow to the company’s growing offset print services.

Founded as a family-owned business in 1897, Lanes Printers was acquired in 1990 by current Managing Director Wayne Yorath and 4 years ago by his daughter Rachel. Today the company serves a wide range of clients across the South-East of England from the pharmaceutical, travel, construction, retail and healthcare industries. Equipped with three offset presses: a B1four-colour+coater, a B3 Speedmaster 52 and a Hans Gronhi press GH524, Lanes handles a broad spectrum of commercial work with lengths ranging from 150 to more than 2 million impressions.

“The new Screen PlateRite 8600N-S with its 30 B1 plates per hour productivity and inline punch capabilities replaces our slower Kodak Trendsetter,” says Wayne. “It is a great addition – we can make ready a full set of Fuji Pro T3 plates in just 3 minutes and can be up-and-running on the press in 10 minutes. Plate quality is fantastic and the inline punching is fast and accurate. The icing on the cake is that I’m not forced into buying a particular brand of plates. I have the freedom and flexibility to source the best plate (and deal) that makes sense for my business.”

Wayne is an offset evangelist: “Offset delivers excellent quality and we can be competitive down to 360 copies against the digital (photocopy) people. This is because our production workflow is so streamlined and the Screen PlateRite has delivered even greater efficiency. Fast make-ready and fast turnaround means we can be ultra-competitive and deliver top notch quality too which keeps our customers coming back. We are known for delivering great quality products supported by good service and the last six years have been the busiest since I bought the company 24 years ago.”

“Although Screen is better known for ‘Print on demand’ inkjet sheet/web presses and wide-format printers, we are still the world’s leading supplier of computer-to-plate systems,” says Bui Burke, Screen Europe VP.  “Whether inkjet solutions or CTP systems, our aim is to deliver the best combination of quality, productivity and reliability through the highest level of engineering and imaging expertise. Wayne’s experience at Lanes shows how our PlateRite can bring significant production and commercial benefits to an already successful commercial offset print business today to drive further growth.”