Fast turnarounds improve direct mail conversion success

Screen today announces that Campaign, a Bertelsmann Printing Group subsidiary, specialising in one2one customer communications, has invested in a second Truepress Jet520HD press to support the growth of its direct mail services. The investment brings the total number of Screen high-speed inkjet systems to three following earlier installations of the Truepress Jet520ZZ and its first Truepress Jet520HD.

Headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany, Campaign believes that this latest investment will create new business opportunities and strengthen its competitive position. With the help of the Truepress Jet520HD, Campaign is able to send high-quality personalised mail to its customers. In combination with shorter turnaround times, a significant increase in conversion rates has been achieved per campaign.

Engineered for short print runs, the Truepress Jet520HD is designed with personalisation in mind. The press is fully integrated with Screen’s workflow software, EQUIOS, boasting a vast gallery of preloaded templates. This, along with the system’s rapid start time, enables Campaign to optimise uptime, maximise throughput and increase profit margins.

According to Nik Bockmann, Managing Director at Campaign, this efficiency-enhancing capability was an integral factor in deciding to invest in the systems.

He explains: “As a print provider, we need the flexibility to react to diverse customer demands the very same day. The Screen presses offer us this and so much more. For example, we have the versatility to print on a wide range of substrates. This opens the door to a vast gamut of different applications.

“In regard to direct mail, we can produce highly customised, premium prints, cost-effectively and extremely quickly. When our customers can transform an idea into a flawless printed product in their customer’s hand in very little time, there’s a significant positive impact on their conversion rates, which in turn helps us secure repeat business.”

Bockmann explains: “Screen’s presses allow us to achieve near-offset quality and production costs while delivering the inherit benefits of digital printing. Our latest additions further cement our position as a leading innovator and expert in direct mail and one-to-one communications.”

Bui Burke, Screen Europe Senior Vice President Sales, concludes: “We are delighted that Campaign has invested in its second and third Screen presses. The company’s continued adoption of our solutions demonstrates how our presses are empowering print providers to realise their business objectives. Offering enhanced production, high-quality prints and consistent productivity, we are seeing more and more companies successfully integrating our solutions within their businesses.”

EQUIOS High-Speed Inkjet Publishing Truepress Jet520HD Workflow