SC inks cited as the driving force behind the accelerated number of installations

Screen Europe has confirmed the popularity of its Truepress Jet520HD series today with an announcement that 100 units of the Truepress Jet520HD and Truepress Jet520HD+ have now been shipped worldwide. With exclusive access to Screen SC inks, Truepress Jet520HD series users can maximise the exceptional quality already available on each press by printing on a wide range of paper stocks including standard offset coated stocks, without the need for pre-treatment.

Truepress Jet520HD and SC ink users include renowned German printers, Hubert&Co and Kohlhammer, whilst UK-based Bluetree and PrintOnDemand-Worldwide, and French printer TagG Informatique, have also invested in the technology.

Hervé Lesseur, the Founder of TagG Informatique, explains, “There is no equivalent technology to the Screen Jet520HD press that is operational and readily available in the market.”

“The HD press combined with the SC inks was the turning point in getting PODWW to shift from a toner-first to an inkjet-first company,” states PODWW Owner and Managing Director Andy Cork.

Hubert & Co Technical Director, Jutta Reimann, adds, “It was the inks that really convinced us. Delivering that level of quality on coated paper with no pre-treatment, without altering the appearance or the feel of the paper is a significant advantage.”

Launched at HID 2017 to wide acclaim, Screen’s Truepress Jet520HD and SC inks were honoured with an InterTech™ Technology Award presented by Printing Industries of America, the US’s largest graphic arts trade association, shortly afterwards.

The Screen Truepress Jet520HD series are high-definition inkjet web presses with a true print resolution of 1,200 dpi and precise droplet size control at up to 150 metres per minute. The addition of Screen SC inks continues to provide the same wide colour gamut and stability as the standard Truepress inks whilst also featuring Screen’s unique absorption technology.

The recently announced Screen NIR Dryer technology works in conjunction with both the Truepress Jet520HD+ and the SC inks. The Dryer features newly enhanced drying functions, improving drying performance for both lightweight coated stocks and heavier weight, coated offset stocks. Print service providers are able to access an extended range of applications whilst offering more productivity for difficult-to-dry substrates with increased print speeds on offset coated stocks.

Bui Burke, Senior Vice President of Sales at Screen Europe, says, “The inks are proving to be a significant factor in potential customers investing in the Truepress Jet520HD series and have certainly accelerated the number of installations. SC inks provide Screen customers with unrivalled access to exceptional quality outcomes whilst being an economic, low-cost solution for faster print turnarounds. To have shipped 100 units of the Truepress Jet520HD series worldwide is a huge achievement, and that number will continue to rise!”

The Truepress Jet520HD+ with SC inks will be showcased at HID 2019 in Lucerne, Switzerland, from February 25-28th.

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